LoQus23 and HitGen Announce Research Collaboration Focused on DNA-Encoded Library Based Drug Discovery

CHENGDU, China, July 27, 2022 – Shanghai Stock Exchange listed company HitGen Inc. (“HitGen”) today announced that it has entered into a research collaboration agreement with LoQus23 Therapeutics Ltd (“LoQus23”), a private biotechnology company discovering small molecule therapies that target aberrant DNA damage repair to treat Huntington’s disease and other triplet repeat diseases (TRDs). HitGen […]

LoQus23 Therapeutics Ltd. of Cambridge, UK co-funds new research project on neurological diseases

Researchers at three universities in Ireland, Scotland and Wales are joining forces to develop new tools for identifying drugs to treat multiple, currently incurable, neurological diseases. In this new project, the three teams will work together to develop novel technologies to monitor how the number of repeats changes in cells grown in the laboratory. This […]

LoQus23 Therapeutics appoints Dr Melanie Ivarsson, OBE, as Non-Executive Director

Dr Ivarsson is currently Chief Development Officer at Moderna and led clinical trials of the company’s Covid-19 vaccine Cambridge, UK – 25th January 2022 – LoQus23 Therapeutics Ltd. (‘LoQus23’), a biotech discovering small molecule therapies that target aberrant DNA mismatch repair (MMR) to treat Huntington’s and other triplet repeat diseases, announces the appointment of Dr […]

LoQus23 Therapeutics exits stealth with £11.5 million seed financing from the Dementia Discovery Fund and Novartis Venture Fund

Company targets DNA mismatch repair pathways to slow neurodegeneration in Huntington’s Disease and other triplet repeat disorders LoQus23’s structure-based approach focuses on oral small molecule drugs Cambridge, UK – 23rd November 2021 – LoQus23 Therapeutics Ltd. (‘LoQus23’), a company discovering small molecule therapies that target aberrant DNA mismatch repair (MMR) to treat Huntington’s and other […]

LoQus23 researchers awarded grant to understand if repeat instability is therapeutically relevant in Friedriech’s ataxia

Dr Caroline Benn (CSO ​of LoQus23) and Dr Ricardo Mouro Pinto (Massachusetts General Hospital) are co-recipients of a Friedreich’s Ataxia Research Alliance grant (supported by the Crisp Family Fund). Like Huntington’s disease, Friedreich’s ataxia ​(FA) is a trinucleotide repeat expansion disease that has somatic instability – but understanding of how this instability contributes to disease progression […]

LoQus23’s drug discovery approach highlighted in the Journal of Huntington’s Disease

An article published in the Journal of Huntington’s Disease explores how LoQus23 is planning to turn a set of compelling observations into drugs for patients, as part of a special issue focusing on somatic instability as a key mechanism underpinning Huntington’s disease. Read “Drugging DNA Damage Repair Pathways for Trinucleotide Repeat Expansion Diseases” in a special […]

LoQus23 presents at the HDSA convention

We were delighted to be able to attend the Huntington’s Disease Society of America (HDSA) conference virtually. For our presentation, we thought it would be helpful for patients to understand why scientists and clinicians are so excited about the mismatch repair pathway in HD patients and what we are doing about it at LoQus23 Therapeutics. […]

LoQus23 secures HDSA grant to improve how we measure repeat instability in patients 

​LoQus23 is collaborating with Professor Darren Monckton’s lab at the University of Glasgow ​to assess novel improvements to the current methods for measuring the level of ​repeat instability over time. ​This will enable better understanding of the underlying process and thus enable therapeutics development.  https://hdsa.org/hd-research/hd-human-biology-project/vilija-lomeikaite-phd-candidate/